• Thermal

  • Ensures heat insulation in maximum level.

    Thermal Conductivity Value smaller than  ʎ=0.036W/Mk

    Prevents leakage of cold and heat in winter and summer.

  • Fire

  • It is A1 class

    Non-Combustible material which is the highest level according to DIN and EN Norms,

    APPLICATION heat is Between -55 and +7600C.

    Stonewool ensures high level fire safety because of its enduring specification against fire. It saves time for fire teams in fire-fighting,

    lifesaving an evacuation while it prevents the fire from spreading.

  • Acoustic

  • Ensures sound insulations between 40-90 % according to EN ISO standards.

    It is a goodmaterial for absorbing sound.

    It is used for acousticinsulation APPLICATIONs.

    Stonewool ensure support for creating a comfortable environment with its specifications reducing the noise.

  • Damp

  • Water steam diffusion resistant

    µ= 1 (same as the value of air).

    It is non-corrosive, not be decayed or become fusty.

    It is rustless and does not cause corrosion.