• Ravatherm
    Stonewool is an insulation material which contains %98
    natural fiber and obtained by transforming the minerals
    and inorganic volcanic stones into natural fiber by melting
    them at 1500-1600°C.
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  • Ravatherm
    Mineral Wool
    Silica sand, also known as silicon dioxide (SiO s),
    is a compound that is in the form of free quartz or a combination of
    silicates that is found in nature in high quantities and widely
    used in many industries.
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  • Ravatherm
    Ceramic Fiber
    Ravatherm Ceramic Fiber uses between 650°C - 1430°C.
    It produces spun technology. Ceramic fiber consists
    three elements basicly; silica, alumina and zirconium
    and it is a thermal insulation material for high temperature.
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  • Ravatherm Soilles
    Agriculture Agro
    Rock-wool slices that have pretty much rigid nature
    have optimum capacity of clearance volume and
    water-holding. Such levels could be adjusted with
    the fiber thickness, density and the amount of binding agents.
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  • Ravatherm Roof
    Sandwich Panel
    Especially preferable for the buildings which need high fire
    security. Pressure strength of the panel is increased through
    turning fibers uprightly to the panel surface by automatic slicing.
    It is applicated rapidly, resitant to proliferation of bactery.
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  • Ravatherm Partition
    Wall Board
    Ensures heat, sound and fire insulation by applicating
    in bearing walls, separating walls and bearing constructions.
    The product with same quality is pressed 50% in
    comparison with the usual stonewool package;
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  • Ravatherm
    Industry Board
    Stonewool board without facing. Presented to the market
    in shrinked packages.Used for heat, sound and fire insulation
    up to the temperatures 7600C in industrial areas.
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  • Ravatherm
    Prefab. Pipe
    Stonewool pipe with or without aluminium
    foil facing. It is used for the insulation of mechanical
    installations.It is presented to the market in caton
    boxes or wooden pallets in accordance with the diameter of pipe.
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"56.000 m² closed, total 80.000 m² area, annual production capacity of 120.000 tons"

Turkey's the biggest stonewool producer


Heat conductivity of the buildings as per the Heat Insulation Regulation are lower than k=0.036W/Mk, and they were designed to provide comfort and tranquility by blocking the leakage of cold air in winter, and hot air in summer.

It made from the A1-class materials, which are non-flammable as per the provisions of DIN and EN. The utilization temperature is between -55/+760 degrees, and it was built as per the Regulation on Fire Protection.

Ravatherm, which provides sound insulation between 40% - 90% as per the EN ISO standards, has the characteristics of absorbing the sound well. It provides qualified sound insulation thanks to its structure that are compatible with the Regulation on Protection of Buildings Against Noise, and the noise-limiter nature.

Ravatherm, which has water vapour diffusion resistance μ=1 (the same as the air), prevent corrosion and oxidation thanks to its structure resistant to decomposition, moulding and decay. It provides long-term solutions for the insulation of the buildings against water and moisture.

Turkey's the biggest stonewool producer

“We insulate 22.000.000 m2 areas through 120.000 tons of annual production capacity.”